Corona-virus Tracking Tool

Corona-virus: Apple and Google are collaborating to develop a Bluetooth-based COVID tracking tool

Apple and Google reported on Friday that they are working together to develop a Bluetooth-based COVID contact tracing platform that informs people when they have interacted with a coronavirus-infected person. The cooperation would help well being authorities track the spread of the virus without violating the user’s privacy.

Google and Apple are working on application programming interfaces (APIs) and operating system-level technology to help in enabling contact tracing. The APIs would allow iOS and Android to exchange information and make use of them. The Apps once released by Apple and Google will be accessible for download in the App Store and Play Store

So once the component is executed, whenever two people come in contact with each other, their mobile will exchange an identification key. However, if one of them contracts the COVID-19,  he can tell others about it through the application. The system will then inform other users who have been in contact with the infected person, so they can either get tested for coronavirus or self-isolate till the results are out. All this would be managed  without revealing your name or any other data. You will not be told about the person who has contracted the coronavirus, you will be simply notified that  you have interacted  a COVID-19 positive person.

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