Corona Virus: Google uses location tracking to reveal travel details of People

Google being one of the tech giants overall offers myriad internet-related services. One of them is its location tracking application. While its 24×7 area tracking policies is compromising, and yet these are helpful and viable, particularly in the current global situation.

People are grieving in lockdown to combat COVID-19. Government bodies across nations have asked people to practice social distancing. Everybody is encouraged to remain at home and move out only to purchase essential food items. Presently, the search giant Google has published a dedicated portal to share the mobility of its users amid Coronavirus pandemic.

Using its mapping services, Google accumulates information regarding different types of places people visit during the virus spreading’s. The company is calling it “COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports”.
These reports will help to understand the changes in the traveling habits of people as government issued the self-isolation edict. These places include retail and recreation, groceries and pharmacies, parks, transit stations, workplaces, and residential.

Google also explained that public health officials can make use of this data to make critical decisions in regard to COVID-19. Now, let’s check out the traveling data of India during this coronavirus outbreak via Google’s official report.Indians went into lockdown on March 24. Speaking of the country, the Google’s data was last updated on March 29.

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