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Zoom Improves Security with Automatic Password Protection and Waiting Rooms After Facing Heavy Traffic

After facing heavy criticism for the way it handles privacy and security, the video conferencing service Zoom is making a couple of vital updates.

Starting April 5, all meetings  going ahead will have automatically enabled password protection and waiting rooms. The password security makes it so you need a password to enter a meeting  regardless of whether you as of now have the meeting ID, despite the fact that the individuals who enter a meeting via a link will not need to enter the password. The waiting room permits the hosts to specifically concede individuals who are waiting to enter a meeting, so in the event that they see a name they don’t remember, they can decide not to let them approach.

Both of these highlights were already available in Zoom, however now that many more people are using the platform to communicate during the coronavirus outbreak Zoom has opted turning these features on automatically.

It has recently become well known to “Zoombomb” meetings by entering a meetings in progress with simply the meetings ID. These meetings I

Ds can be effortlessly found, so giving people extra security directly out of the gate can shield meetings from getting hindered by strangers.

With regards to everything wrong  with the stage, empowering two protection highlights for users that were at that point accessible on the stage is about the littlest advance Zoom could take, however the stage has admitted to a considerable lot of its privacy and security and vowed to fix them

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